Craft Vinyl Retail – Adhesive

WeVinyl offers Craftables permanent adhesive vinyl sheets. Our film is compatible with all craft cutters, including the Cricut, Silhouette, Xyron, Craft ROBO, Graphtec, and more. This glossy adhesive vinyl is a intermediate calendared vinyl, measuring at 3 mils in thickness. Manufactured in the United States, these high-quality permanent adhesive vinyl sheets provide consistent results. Easy to weed and durable, Craftables glossy adhesive vinyl is ideal for use on tumblers, window decals, car decals, signs, stencils, scrapbooking, or any other permanent application with a semi-smooth surface.

Different Adhesive Vinyl Types

Solid Color

A solid color vinyl with 32 different options. The most cost effective option for flat surface adhesive decals. Craftables color options include Transparent, White, Yellow, Bright Yellow, Burgundy, Red, Orange, Purple, Lavender, Lilac, Pink, Light Pink, Dark Blue, Navy, Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Mint, Dark Green, Green, Lime Green, Brown, Beige, Black, Gray, Silver, Gold, Matte White, Matte Black, Coral, Tiffany Blue, and Rose Gold.


An adhesive vinyl with a glitter shine. Craftables color options include Silver, Yellow, Coral, Red, Magenta, Red Orange, Light Blue, Purple, Black, Mint, Rose Gold, Blue, Green, Rainbow Glitter, Tangerine, Pink, and Teal.


An adhesive vinyl with a metallic shine. Craftables color options include Orange, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Rose Gold, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Red. 

Etched Glass

An adhesive vinyl with an etched glass finish. Etched glass vinyl simplifies the difficult glass etching process and is a great replacement. Craftables color options include White, Red, Green, and Blue.


An adhesive vinyl with a holographic finish. This is truly a unique product! Craftables color options include Pink, White, Blue, and Yellow.

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