Craft Vinyl Retail – Heat Transfer Vinyl

WeVinyl offers Craftables heat transfer vinyl sheets. Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is also known as t-shirt vinyl or iron-on vinyl. Using a heat press machine or a standard iron, you can apply HTV to many different types of fabric. Craftables iron-on vinyl sheets and rolls are premium products, specially formulated to work for all your craft needs.

Different Heat Transfer Vinyl Types

Solid Color

A smooth and solid color heat transfer vinyl with 34 different options. The most cost effective option fabric based decals. Craftables color options include Black, White, Red, Golden Yellow, Navy Blue, Grey, Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Baby Blue, Maroon, Teal, Light Brown, Fuchsia, Bright Orange, Hot Pink, Bright Green, Blue, Tiffany Blue, Mint, Peach, Lime, Beige, Lavender, Pink, Rose Gold, Light Pink, Coral, and Dark Teal.


A heat transfer vinyl with a glitter shine. Craftables color options include Silver, Gold, Red, Pink, Aqua, Gunmetal, Seafoam, Blue, Brown, Black, Lime, Silver Multi, Gray, Lavender, Green, Copper, Purple, Navy Blue, Light Gold, Raspberry, Dark Gold, Magenta, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Rose Gold, Maroon, White, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Lime, Hot Pink, Pastel Orange, Bright Purple, and Baby Blue.


A heat transfer vinyl with a metallic and reflective shine. Craftables color options include Silver, Gold, Green, Royal Blue, Red, Cherry, Aqua, and Rose Gold.


A heat transfer vinyl with a flocked finish. This product has a slightly raised finish with a suede look. Craftables color options include White, Black, Red, Yellow, Navy, Blue, Orange, Light Gray, Green, Pink, Camel, and Sky Blue. 

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